This is a website set up with the goal of inspiring Black folks to see possibilities for them in the equine world.

I have been horse crazy since I can remember. Lucky for me my parents had the means to afford riding lessons. Going to horse shows in the mid to late sixties I was often the only mixed race person. Of course there were other Black people riding back then but it seemed we were few and far between.

Two of the women who inspired me back in the day are women of color.

My friend Roberta and I met at a month long sleep-away summer camp. She was a little older and I thought she was the cats meow. If I remember correctly she and I snuck to the barn the night our favorite horse gave birth. I ran into her many years later and she had gone to the UK to further her horsemanship studies. I became an assistant riding instructor but not at quite as prestigious a venue. We reunited by accident working at the same riding academy in Massachusetts.

My friend India showed me the beauty of Therapeutic Riding and how horses can heal the body and soul. I went from being a volunteer in Taos Therapeutic Riding Program to the head instructor for 2 years. India was a certified NARAH instructor and the founder and director of TTRP. After being away from horses for almost two decades I was happy to volunteer and ecstatic when India saw my love and dedication and entrusted me to resume instructing.

So now it’s time for me to give something back. After much consideration, up and down and inside and out I have decided to combine some of my passions and bring awareness of Blacks in the horse world and possibly inspire the next generation to see there’s room for them too.

Geraldine Brown

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  1. Steve Fox says:

    This is great, Gera. Glad you’ve started it, and gallop on!

  2. Kim Miles says:

    Thanks for this, Gera! I’ll enjoy reading, and will also forward to my horsey friends! xoxo

  3. Beth says:

    Love this!! Imagine knowing you for over 3 decades and still learning new things about you. Good luck with your new venture, I think it’s going to be exciting for all of us. Love the pics you posted too.

  4. flynn Holland says:

    Ah Gera so nice to having your next chapter online looking forward to the future with you and your interests.
    I think you could find some equestrian of color here in Floriduh
    i will try and check for the polo jumpers and cowboys publications soon and see if you can post to expand your search

  5. Love your passion to represent equestrians of color. Thank you.

  6. Victoria Schoening says:

    Why do you have to have a seperate sight ? Why can’t you just join in with other folks that have same interests. I believe we all ride alike and love our horses and horses people

    • admin says:

      Hi Victoria,
      Thanks for the great question!
      First off, most people do not think that there is a Black presence at all in the equine industry, so I would like to showcase Blacks that are doing amazing and ordinary things with horses. Secondly, it is a passion of mine since I too am a mixed race equestrian. Thirdly, why not? Competition is good, so let’s all raise the bar. Fourthly, when I was growing up I had very little exposure to folks who looked like me. I had very few role models. I feel that people thrive and grow when they can see people who resemble them being held up in the lime light, it gives us hope that we too can achieve these goals. There are more answers I could give you, hope this helps.
      Gera Brown

  7. Love your photos Gera…..you are very talented and we share our love of horses too. Good to see your website that is inspiration to all of us

  8. India Lightfoot Blanding says:

    Hi Gera! I finally got to visit your website. Thank you for the amazing compliments; you’re an awesome and inspiring woman and horseman and we couldn’t have had that program without you. And now this website…I agree about the idea of honoring those folks of color who share this passion…kind of like the presidency. (:

  9. Cella says:

    Please join my Blog called Black Female Equestrians which showcases the forgotten equestrians throughout history

    I have also created a new FB page which is an extension of the blog

    Cella – equestrian – hunter/jumper 🙂

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